Biological decoding of diseases

Presentation of the book and its structure
Let’s be clear: human beings suffer from a lack of vocabulary. So this book is just a vocabulary book, to teach you how to say yourself.

You will be able to learn, for each illness, the words of its Conflicting Biological Feeling, that is to say conflictology.

Sometimes, you will also find avenues to continue your listening to emotional understanding of the symptom: this will be indicated as “Avenues to explore cautiously”, cautiously because we are without certainty to impose on others.

You will find other new features, in particular: “Educational points” like information points on your paper path, like a second book within the book! This is to enable you to understand the principles which govern illness such as: pre-conflict, biological cycles, etc.

Before leaving yourself in the company of this book, that is to say with yourself, know what a precious good will be a relationship, a friendship, a family, a civilization of emotional sharing, of the expression of your life interior…!

Expressing what you feel at every moment will also give you the right to feel what you feel, to think what you think, to do what you do, in a word, to be who you are.

Being both intimate and connected guarantees our health far better than what we eat, where we live and what we drink! “What purifies, heals and treats man is not what enters him but what comes out of him”1…

May this book allow you to contact consciously and then be able to express what is moving within you, this is my dearest wish.

Educational point: “On medical advice”
“Any illness requires medical presence. Only a doctor is authorized to diagnose, treat and monitor the evolution of these symptoms, of course. »

This is not a polite and hypocritical formula on my part but a real recommendation. Too many therapists today play sorcerers’ apprentices, unconsciously regulating their relationship with authority, with the father… All these rebels put their patients in danger.

By believing themselves to be well-intentioned, they forget that medicine, even if it has its limits, has its skills of which no one should be deprived.

One of the therapist’s traps is to believe in omnipotence:
his own, that of the patient, that of the unconscious… However, the facts show that no therapeutic approach in the world cures everyone of everything and all the time. Complementarity, openness and shared intelligence offer more chances of healing than any isolated approach.

Therapy ? Respect and flexibility
What matters during decoding therapy is the symptom. We rely on the symptom to propose a decoding. But if “it doesn’t speak to” the person, insisting would be of no use. The therapist is always faced with the complexity of the human being.

It is up to him to be infinitely careful when he proposes a decoding.

Always be alert to the patient’s reactions, emotional reactions.
Trust in medicine
Everything you read in this work can in no way claim to replace the human relationship, care and professional listening of a medical doctor. What is written is only a set of observations intended to direct your attention to the possible message of the disease in conjunction with the competent care by these women and men, doctors, who have vowed to relieve the suffering of their fellow human beings with all their art, an art which is constantly evolving.

May this book participate in this evolution.