Creator of the biological decoding of diseases


Creator of the biological decoding of diseases

Christian Flèche

Creator of biodecoding

Your symptom? The expression in your body of a moment suffering from your story!

How to change it? Bring this moment to your emotional awareness! To transform emotion and beliefs

Biodecoding was born from the experience and knowledge of Christian Flèche, founder of the school and of biological decoding. Present in more than 22 countries, the School of Practical Biological Decoding provides training for psychologists, therapists, health professionals and people interested in discovering the functioning of clinical psychosomatics from the perspective of biological decoding. We are known for continuing to evolve and for integrating new concepts every day that enrich our training programs, positioning us as pioneers in the sector.

Emotion is the song of cells, it is their murmur, the electric, hot and chemical light, the subjective reality of cell nuclei. Emotion is a little cell that speaks about itself, that shows itself, fierce-animal, modest-monk, naked-artist, it says itself without veil, in satisfaction or frustration.

When an organ is considered “diseased” (!), it expresses this biological function in lack or excess (quantity) or unsatisfactory quality. Illness is a feeling that has become unconscious, entered into biology. The pathologizing feeling is an unsatisfied biological function. Biological function is a mode of adaptation to the outside world. And we are the totality of our modes of adaptation, put in place and then conveyed by all our ancestors.

Emotion has a biological basis

It arises in a moment of unconsciousness, of divorce from oneself, without our knowledge in a flash. In fact, it doesn’t take a year to get sick or fall off a ladder or fall in love and then get pregnant! It takes a fraction of a second. This happens in a specific place and time that we will always have to find again.

For what ?

Because this is the only way to bring back to our consciousness what was embodied by the symptom. If we do not relive this moment, this “Bioshock”, we will never be able to recontact the biological meaning of the disease. Our approach is about feeling what we first felt unconsciously, without our knowledge.

Bio-shock is a moment of encounter between the outside world and our inner world. And this encounter produces either satisfaction or dissatisfaction. These two reactions are perceptible to us thanks to emotions.

Emotion is the conscious trace of an internal activity, it is the index of a biological function whether satisfied or not. We have eaten, we feel full, satisfied. If this is not the case, we are frustrated, angry, lacking.

We slept well, we feel relaxed, fresh. Everything around us keeps us safe, we feel peaceful and our behavior follows: we relax.

But if the environment is hostile, then fear arises from deep within us to put us on alert and then allow us to find safety.

Emotion always appears in an instant, involuntarily, uncontrolled and adapted to an external situation. It is located in our body precisely (heat in the stomach, tension in the throat, weight on the shoulders, emptiness in the legs, tingling in the hands, etc.).

Biodecoding is a new approach to therapy and health based on the biological meaning of symptoms.

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