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Before any commitment to a training cycle, or to one-off training, we provide you with all the useful advice to enable you to build your appropriate training course.

This phase, which takes place before any registration, is a privileged moment for discussions, on all the subjects necessary for interested people, to validate the relevance of their training project, and facilitate their entry.


Personalized information can be provided to you on the following points (non-exhaustive)

  • Long cycles, optional training
    Sanctions (attestations, certificates, diplomas)
    The prerequisites before training and the acquired knowledge at the end of the training.
    Conditions for successful training

At the end of this exploration, applicants will therefore have been informed about the coherence of the project and their expectations.


The training plan presents the different levels and specificities.

The calendar will provide you with an overview of the school’s interventions.


  • Participation in each course requires online registration, available from the presentation page of each course. Registration only becomes final upon receipt of payment.
    Trainees cannot attend training without having first registered in accordance with the rules.
    Revisers benefit from a single rate.
    If the trainee is prevented from following the training due to duly recognized force majeure, the amount will be refunded. For any cancellation less than ten days before the training date, the trainee will not be able to claim a refund of the deposit initially paid.
    For training with modules, in the event of registration for the full cycle, the deposit will not be returned in the event of cancellation during the training, whatever the reasons.
    Hours: Practical teaching from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. (5 p.m. on the last day). On the first day, trainees will be welcomed 30 minutes before the face-to-face timetable and 10 minutes before the timetable for live zoom training.
    During all training, questions are welcome. For any educational difficulties encountered during the training, the trainee will receive all the necessary help and assistance from the trainer, after having informed him.
    No recordings are accepted during classes.
    The number of trainees is limited, to allow for exchanges and deeper work.
    In the event of an insufficient number of registered participants, the event may be canceled. No money will be collected.
    Validations are carried out at the end of the training in person or online with Christian Flèche.
    In person, meal and accommodation costs remain the responsibility of the trainee.
    To obtain more information, the management and administration department is at your disposal.

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