Biological decoding ligaments and capsules

Farmed chicken conflict.
The ligament forms the link between two bones, between two parts of the body, between two values, such as, for example, family members: ascendants and descendants, brothers and sisters, or even two neighbors, work and life. family…

“I devalue myself for not being able to connect two values together”, two bones.

“I need to be stronger now. »

“I cannot be powerful in reliance. »

There is conflict, a divide between two values that I want to bring together, protect, associate.

“I might no longer be connected. »

In the event of ligament problems, you have to look for the link between two values.
Conflict of indecision, bad choice with great devaluation.

Direction concept.
The word “quartered” can bring to mind everything that is ligament.

Impotent devaluation.
We feel torn between two things (example: I have to do it and don’t want to).

Biological sense
Pregnant women naturally have greater joint flexibility,

increased laxity of the ligaments in order to allow the bones of the pelvis to distend and thus allow the child to come out. She will also be more flexible at the behavioral and psychological level to adapt to her biological rhythms and the needs of her child.