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Practical Biological Decoding is not a promise of healing, is not a truth, a certainty. It is an opening, a curiosity, a field of hypotheses with the therapist as a guide, but which only the patient can confirm or refute. Our approach is not an alternative to medicine, it can sometimes be complementary to it.

Practical Biological Decoding does not replace a consultation with a doctor or other health professional (such as psychologist, osteopath, energetician or physiotherapist, etc.).

All patients, trainees and others are encouraged to follow treatment and advice from the doctor.

Biological Decoding is neither a total biological approach to life, nor a reduction to transgenerational aspects, nor an additional discipline of new medicine defended by Dr Hamer.

The Biological Decoding practitioner does not prescribe any medical treatment or make any medical diagnosis.

The Biological Decoding practitioner in no way replaces the doctor in all his attributes.

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Who Should Attend

This training in Practical Biological Decoding is aimed at professionals in physical health (nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, etc.), mental health (psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, coaches, etc. .), athletes, teachers, as well as all people without medical background, in the field of, or interested in, the helping relationship and well-being (with children, adolescents, or adults).

It is also aimed at people interested in well-being, allowing them to progress in their own personal development and acquire tools for everyday life.

Training prices and schedules


The price for cycle 1 remotely (17 days) is £120 per day.
The payment of training, depending on the amount, can be spread over 3 to 6 months.
A 10% discount is granted for cycle 1 for full payment for the first module.
The revised rate is 50% of the full rate.

Training: 17 days

This training invites you to discover and then acquire knowledge to develop or complete your practice of the helping relationship in a concrete way. This cycle consists of 6 “modules” of 2 and 3 days each, which are spread over 6 months, (twice a year) to validate your Biodecoding® Advisor title.


Throughout the course, protocols are presented and practiced.
The classification of topics by module is given for information only.
They will all be addressed according to the course of the training and the dynamics of the group.


The training schedules are generally from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., they can be modified according to the progress of the group during the training and according to the organization of each teacher of the school.


One week before the training, you will receive a booklet by email as well as information, schedules and links to connect by zoom on the day of the training.

Cycle 1

Practical basis of biodecoding

Cycle 1 dates live via zoom – London time

This level 1 training covers the foundations of Biodecoding®. It comprises 6 modules and makes you eligible for certification as a Biodecoding® Coach.

While diving into an inner adventure, you will acquire new skills. The Level 1 certification training is open to both professionals and lay people searching for new healing tools.
During those 6 modules you are going to discover how to listen and understand emotions at the origin of your symptoms.

You will learn to identify and unravel your true felt feelings to then be able to give them a positive meaning. This new message from your body will bring relief, guidance and recovery.

This personal and collective adventure will bring deep transformation within as you are going to uncover unknown parts of yourself and acquire competency in helping others.

What will this certification bring you?

As a seasoned therapist (psychologist, naturopath, nurses, coaches…), already with the first module you will be able to understand the biological meaning of disease and use right away in your practice the protocols. Through personal work, supervision and the validation of your knowledge and skills, you will learn many powerful signature protocols and concepts that will allow you to accompany efficiently your clients.

If you are not a therapist or you wish to become a therapist, you will be offered a secure space to develop your experience. After the validation of your competency at the end of the training, you will be able to accompany your clients and loved ones using the techniques you have learned. A regular supervision of your practice will be required though to insure a safe practice as you are becoming more proficient with your new skills.



Discover and experience the emotion-brain-body connection. Understand how one “gets sick” through the logic of the symptom and the biological meaning of disease. Fine tune your ability to listen to the biological feelings and learn how to transform them. Tell the difference between thoughts, sensations and emotions.

MODULE 2 (3 days)

The 2 logics: rational one and the emotional one; The Bio-target; the Bio-shock; The primary and secondary felt feelings and needs; The main categories of conflicts; The 3 biological ploys; Psyche/Brain/Body connection; Phylogenesis and ontogenesis; Procrustean conflict and Diagnosis conflict; “Biologization” options; Allergies; 1 st biological stage of evolution: organs of the brain stem.

MODULE 3 (3 days)

The autonomic nervous system; Inflammation; Phases of disease; Epiletic crisis; organ failure; Syndrome of exhaustion; Chronicity; Fear conflict; Germs and infection; 3 plans of conflicts: real, irrational and symbolic; 2 nd stage of evolution: Cerebellum and its organs.

MODULE 4 (3 days)

Anatomy and physiology of the brain; headaches and brain tumors; cancer; concept of Eraser and Inkpot; 3 rd biological stage of evolution: cerebral medulla and its organs

MODULE 5 ( 3 days)

Left and right side; Biological portal; locking conflicts; initiation to the predicates; Pain; 4 th biological stage of evolution: cerebral cortex and its organs; Feminine and masculine feelings; non gender-related
feelings; Hormonal shift.

MODULE 6 (3 days)

Integration of the 5 modules
New protocols
Evaluation for certification

Cycle 2

Practical specialization in biodecoding

The second cycle of training includes the study of different systems, organs and tissues; as well as its relationship with symptoms and pathologies from the point of view of biological decoding of diseases.

The specialization is 5 modules of 3 days, from Friday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and a minimum of 5 supervisions spread over different days of your choice, throughout the year.

The contents of the modules do not change, but the order of the modules may vary depending on the organization of the courses and the availability of teachers. Please check with the organizer for the order for each year.


Each module can be followed independently of the others

Module – DG, study module of: Digestive, Gynecology.
Module – NE, study module of: Neuro, Endocrino.
Module – OH, study module of: Osteo, Hemato.
Module – PCU, study module of: Pneumo, Cardio, Uro.
Module – ODO, study module of: Ophthalmology, Dermato, Ear.
Pre-validation during supervisions: A minimum of 5 supervisions is recommended before validating your cycle.
Validation of Psycho-Practitioner: 3 days in person once a year.

NLP cycle – Bio-Pnl 1 – and Bio-Pnl 2

Bio NLP training French Institute of Biological Decoding Branch of the Biodecoding School of Christian Flèche

You will be able to discover P N L tools. as a subject (by working on your own conflicts) and as a programmer (therapist); the goal being, from the day after the course, to be able to use concrete therapeutic tools yourself.

This training is part of the validation plan for Bio Decoding training. It allows access to the title of Bio Decoding guide.

It can help therapists to support patients in this work, without acting or thinking for them.

Bio-NLP – Basics of the therapist-patient relationship
Bio-NLP – Tools and protocols

Cycle 3

The third training cycle consists of several seminars, on different themes, essential and complementary for the understanding and treatment of cases in therapy.



In this module, we will explore the space-time of the ancestors.
We will discover how transgenerational history influences our lives, through our symptoms, our profession, our passions…

The goal is to honor our ancestors, not with repetition of suffering, but to honor them with Life and Health!

– We will also discover certain transgenerational memories that cause specific symptoms, and why stories repeat themselves.
– We will also discover what are the transgenerational paths that give rise to problems, emotional, work, judgment, physical symptoms and others.
– We will learn to work from a symptom and find the cause in the family tree. And how to release this transgenerational rail in unconscious memory.
– We will learn how adults who died young or children who died among ascendants influence the experience of descendants. And how to “get rid of the weight of the dead”.
– We will learn to recover a transgenerational memory which is the origin of a symptom, even if the subject has little information about their family history.
– We will learn to work from an invisible family loyalty to find our destiny.

Senses and biological cycles project

Behind every conception there is an unconscious parental desire. This unconscious desire is made up of multiple projects that guide our lives, including the choice of our profession, our hobbies, etc.
These plans are sometimes so powerful that they prevent us from living our real lives. We may feel like the life we are living is not the life we should be living. Or as if life had no meaning: what’s the point? As if deep down, we know that there is something else: it is, in fact, our life mission, which is there asleep within us. We will discover how our unconscious brain remembers these projects, and above all how to free those that limit us. In a way, drop the load, the suitcases that are not ours. And start by regaining full power over our lives!

In a second moment, open the space of the meaning of our Life. This part aims to reconnect us with our life mission. This process allows us to connect with our true self: the inner Self.
Thus, we can begin to live, or continue to live and build our lives in accordance with our deepest aspirations.


“Beliefs” is your mandatory postgraduate workshop for training students who have completed several modules from the first cycle of Basics or are in the second cycle of Conflictology, people from other decoding schools and/or NLP therapists. If you know what belief work is, you can go further.

What will this course do for you?
What is a belief? – When, how and why is this belief established? – Do we decide to believe in everything we believe? – And, above all, how to unmask beliefs and get rid of them?
The definition of the concept of beliefs, how are the truths about ourselves, about others and about the world. The course is about practice and change: how to modify our limiting beliefs to find the freedom of being and the unity of the Self.
Face your beliefs with courage and you will never see things the same way again!

Behavioral disorders

Behavioral disorders are the manifestation of BIOLOGICAL conflicts which could not manifest themselves either in the body or in the brain.
During behavioral disorders:
– We will explore the minor mental disorders that we can find in all the people we support.
– We will also explore major mental disorders to identify cases that we cannot treat.

– Allow us to discover the concrete contribution of biological decoding in the understanding of psychosis and neurosis.
– Explore and integrate mental disorders in relation to conflicts in the four stages of biology: brainstem, cerebellum, medulla and cerebral cortex.
– Give yourself the opportunity to act in conflicts which are the basis of many forms of conflict association which are mental disorders.

This is an essential course for those who wish to use biological decoding in therapeutic sessions.

To follow and understand this course, it is necessary to have completed the basic training.

Why become a therapist

Why be a therapist? Why do you want to be a therapist? Where does your wish come from? How did you achieve this goal?
These are questions that every therapist must ask themselves to be clear from where to approach this work in which you are a mediator between the unconscious and the person.

In this workshop we will talk about the best way to help the client, how to support them and what attitude they should have as a therapist. This is a theoretical-practical course with numerous work protocols to allow you to put your profession into practice.

We will give you the guidelines and advice to observe and listen, to propose and understand, to accompany you without prior judgment and with warmth and how to feel, as a therapist, involved but not involved but as a professional.

Validation of psychobiotherapist and study of a therapy session

Cycle 4 - Optional

Optional seminars

We also offer “Optional” modules. PREREQUISITES: First cycle

They ideally complement and fully enrich biological decoding training.


Child family therapy

Family Couple Therapy



Locking conflicts

Therapeutic metaphors and double binds

Intuition and creativity



Addictions and breaking free from addictions

Structure of change (Open to all)

Identity of the character to the essential being



Becoming and remaining a true therapist is a rare and demanding profession. Both a grace and a responsibility. The supervisions offered to you by the practical biological decoding school have several goals:Answer your theoretical and practical questions.Welcome and respond to your difficulties, your doubts.Discern whether your difficulties are personal or due to a lack of information.Guide you towards your excellence as future guides and therapists in bio-decoding.Do your pre-validations, prepare for your validations.Finding your style as a therapist, excellence also involves a level of integration which consists of doing it your way.Continue to convey to you what is specific in this brief therapy complementary to medicine, to transmit to you the latest advances in bio-decoding.Become aware of your weaknesses and overcome them.If you are already a biodecoding therapist, continue to check your practice to maintain your SEO on the site.

Continue to improve in your practice and update your knowledge.

Share our bonds of friendship around the same passions: decoding, health, consciousness, transformation, etc.



In each training cycle, a validation of theoretical-practical skills and a case review is carried out.

Cycle 1 Biodecoding Advisor
Cycle 2 Accompanist in biodecoding
Cycle 3 Psycho-bio-therapist

During the course, it is proposed to carry out personal work through therapy, carrying out a minimum of therapy sessions during the three training cycles, to obtain the title of psychobiotherapist.
Each practitioner therapist in biological decoding accepts a code of ethics and signs a note of respect towards users, organizers, teachers, medicine and psychology.

The validation of cycle 1 allows:

– the active therapist (psychologist, psychotherapists, etc.) to use from the first module the protocols and the biological understanding of diseases, personal work and supervision will allow him to know many effective protocols and central, fundamental themes of diseases and health to support his patient

– to non-therapists or future therapists: to this end, they must acquire experience in a secure environment. Having the validation at the end of the first year, he informs his patients that he is in training and can use what he has learned in order to be able to integrate it on the condition of coming to supervise his practice.

It is appropriate to encounter rather small pathologies to begin with.

The validation of cycle 2 conflictology allows:

– the active therapist (psychologist, psychotherapists, etc.) to continue to use new protocols and a more detailed understanding of illnesses.
Validation, personal work and supervision will continue to be essential in one’s path to professional growth.

– To non-therapists or future therapists: with this objective, they must always gain more experience, within an ethical and safety framework. Having the validation at the end of the second year, he informs his patients that they are in training and can use what he has learned in order to be able to integrate it on the condition of coming to supervise his practice.

The future therapist can begin to treat more complex pathologies with a more serious prognosis (in addition to medical treatments, as always) Validation will be made on the observation of the following elements:

– preparation of 3 cases of real patients encountered, with details of the portal
– quiz
– First 15 minutes of a consultation session

This validation will be prepared by pre-validations which will take place during supervision. When the candidate is ready the supervising teacher will inform the student of this; he will thus be able to come to the validation with 100 percent security of obtaining this validation.

(it is possible to reverse cycles 2 and 3)

Validation of cycle 3 thematic seminar allows:

– to meet all types of patients regardless of the symptoms: physical, emotional, behavioral
– to be listed on the school website, with the request to continue supervision annually
– to be autonomous in one’s practice, and unique in one’s style.

Validation will be made on the observation of the same elements as previously, but with many more requirements:

– preparation of 3 cases of real patients encountered, with details of the portal and monitoring of sessions (at least 3 sessions per patient)
– quiz
– First 15 minutes of a consultation session.

This validation will be prepared by pre-validations which will take place during supervision. When the candidate is ready the supervising teacher will inform the student of this; he will thus be able to come to the validation with 100 percent security of obtaining this validation.