Training in practical biological decoding

Biological decoding advisor training

Module 1 “The fundamentals”

Led by teachers from the Christian Arrow school

Biodecoding® is the art of decoding, of listening to the patient in a biological way, in order to find the moment of entry into illness: bio-shock or psycho-shock. For this, the Biodecoding® technique uses predicates, or biological language specific to each person (“I enjoy life to the fullest”, “this story stirs me”, “let’s say that it works in the right direction”, “you broke me” etc.), the eraser and the inkwell, the clinic and makes the link with a personal story.

Every illness starts in an instant, following a bio-shock, which we call a triggering conflict, because it triggers, awakens a past conflict history or programming conflict.

Module 1 “The fundamentals”

During these 2 days of discovery, in a friendly setting, you will discover the main principles of Biodecoding and how to practice it in small groups. You will then have a taste of the Biobases training cycle which allows you to acquire the basics of practical understanding of the biological and emotional meaning of symptoms.

A true personal adventure and skills acquisition, the “Biobases” cycle is a certifying training course open to passionate individuals as well as professionals looking for new tools.

Module 1 “The fundamentals”

Discover and experience the emotion/brain/body link. Understand how “we get sick”: the logic of the symptom, the biological meaning of illnesses. Refine listening to sickening biological feelings and transform them. Distinguish thoughts, sensations, emotions.

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