Transgenerational and psychogenealogy

We will explore the space-time of the ancestors
Unveil the hidden power of your childhood beliefs and experiences over your health and well-being!
Have you ever wondered how the beliefs and experiences we have in our childhood can influence our health and well-being throughout our lives? The answer will surprise you!

Our childhood is a crucial period in which the foundations of our identity are established and where we form our most deeply held beliefs. The experiences we have during this important time can shape the way we see and interact with the world.

These beliefs and childhood experiences are installed deep within our being and can have a lasting impact on our physical, emotional and mental health. If we have experienced trauma, emotional deficiencies or if we have internalized limiting beliefs, these traces can manifest themselves in the form of illnesses, behaviors and blockages in our adult life.

But all is not lost. At Fleche Academy of Practical Biological Decoding, we understand the importance of releasing our burdens and new health past in order to build a healthy and balanced present and future.
Our biological decoding experts will provide you with the tools to explore and understand how your childhood beliefs and experiences evolve for your health and well-being today. You will learn to identify and release repressed emotions, reprogram limiting beliefs and build a path to a full and authentic life.

This seminar, open to the general public, will allow us to discover how transgenerational history influences our lives, through our symptoms, our profession, our passions…

The goal is to honor our ancestors, not with repetition of suffering, but to honor them with Life and Health!