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Home Event Practical Biological Decoding Advisor Fundamentals Module – Cycle 1 – March 2024 – London – EN

Practical Biological Decoding Advisor Fundamentals Module – Cycle 1 – March 2024 – London – EN


Biodecoding Advisor

1st cycle – The fundamentals

Dates of all modules by zoom and in London – EN

This training invites you to discover and then acquire knowledge to develop or complete your practice of helping relationships in a concrete way. This cycle is made up of 6 “modules” of 2 and 3 days each, to validate your Biodecoding® Advisor title.

A true personal adventure and skills acquisition, the “Biobases” cycle is a certifying training course open to enthusiasts and professionals looking for new tools. During the 6 modules, you will discover listening and understanding the emotions at the origin of our symptoms.

You will learn to identify and flush out our true feelings, then give them a positive meaning. You can then use this message to relieve, guide and repair…

In addition to the unique memory that this inner and collective adventure will leave, you will have discovered whole sections of your feelings and will have very relevant skills for the helping relationship.


Throughout the course, protocols are presented and put into practice.

The classification of themes by module is given for information purposes only.

They will all be addressed depending on the course of the training and the dynamics of the group.

Fundamentals – Cycle 1 (2 days)

During these 2 days of discovery, in a friendly setting, you will discover the main principles of Biodecoding and how to practice it in small groups. You will then have a taste of the Biobases training cycle which allows you to acquire the basics of practical understanding of the biological and emotional meaning of symptoms.


Discover and experience the emotion/brain/body link.
Understanding how “we get sick”: the logic of the symptom, the biological meaning of illnesses.
Refine listening to unhealthy biological feelings and transform them.
Distinguish thoughts, sensations, emotions.
Meaning biology and evolution
Two logics in us coexist
Biological sense
Three axes of survival
Path of feeling: The bio-target
The event and the meaning given
The bio-target
Primary, secondary and transgenerational feeling
Negative feelings
Nonspecific feelings
Positive feelings
The triggering conflict
The programming conflict
The structuring programming conflict
Bio-target and timeline; an overview
The three lures
Therapist attitude 3A-3P
The five depths of therapy
Diagnostic conflict
Procrustes conflict
Multiple medications
Single medical duty
towards my daughter
Protocols: The dumpling; go to bio-target; the hinge ; multi-sensory anchoring.


Mar 23 - 24 2024


9h00 - 17h00


240.00 €

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in London in the United Kingdom
in London in the United Kingdom


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